Sodium Persulfate

CAS Number:
Other Trading Names:
• Sodium Peroxodisulfate
• Sodium Peroxodisulphate
• Sodium Persulphate
• Sodium Peroxydisulfate
• Sodium Peroxydisulphate
Types of Packaging
• Woven bags lined with plastic having 25 kg weight capacity per bag
• Woven bags lined with plastic having 1000 kg weight capacity per bag
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FOB Price (Per Ton) $100.00

Sodium Persulfate is an inorganic compound. It is a very useful chemical compound which is made by the electrolytic oxidation of sodium hydrogen sulfate. Its
chemical formula is Na25208.
Chemical Appearance
Sodium Persulfate has the appearance of a white crystalline solid. It is almost non hygroscopic.
Chemical Applications and Strengths
Sodium Persulfate is an extremely useful chemical compound and therefore, has many industrial applications. Its main applications and strengths are:
• Sodium Persulfate is most commonly used as a radical initiator for emulsion polymerisation reactions for styrene based polymers such as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene.
• It is used for fast paced curing of low formaldehyde adhesives.
• Sodium Persulfate itself is a bleach specifically in hair cosmetics and as a detergent component.
• It is used as a replacement of ammonium persulfate in etching mixtures for zinc and printed circuit boards.
• It is also used for pickling of copper and some other metals.
• It is used as a soil conditioner.
• It is used for the remediation of groundwater and soils.
• It is used for the manufacturing of dyestuffs.
• It is used for the modification of starch.
• It is useful as a bleach activator.
• Sodium Persulfate is also used as a desizing agent for oxidative desizing etc. in textile industries.
• It is used as an environmental remediation agent. It is used for polluted land remediation, water treatment, waste gas treatment, and oxidative degradation of harmful substances.
• It is used for the treatment of metal surfaces.
• It is used for re-pulping of wet strength paper in the paper industry.
. It is also used as a disinfectant.

Sodium Persulfate

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