Sodium Hypochlorite (Available 10%-13%)

CAS Number:
Other Trading Names:
• Antiformin
• Bleach
• Chloride of soda
Type of Packaging:
• 30kg drum
• 1200kg IBC Tank
HS Code:

FOB Price (Per Ton) $450.00

Chemical appearance:
The substance has a yellow transparent appearance. It comes in both anhydrous and Pentahydrate forms. It has sweet smell with a slight feel of chlorine gas.
Chemical application and strengths:
• The anhydrous sodium hypochlorite is high unstable and discomposes in an explosion. For this reason, the salt is commonly sold in the pentahydrate form which is less dangerous. Nevertheless, the pentahydrate reacts with various metals such as zinc to create a hydroxide. It also reacts with carbon dioxide in the water to form sodium carbonate. It also reacts with various nitrogen compound to form volatile nitrogen compounds.
• One of the most popular uses of sodium hypochlorite is its use as a household bleach. It is one of the most popular bleaches in the market. The solutions contain about 3 per cent to about 8 per cent of sodium hypochlorite and the about 0.05 per cent of the sodium hydroxide. The hydroxide is used to slow down the decomposition of sodium hypochlorite. These bleaches can also be used for the removal of mold stains or teeth that have been stained by fluorosis. It is also an effective household cleaner that removes various stains in crookery, especially those that have been caused by tea and coffee stains. Its cleaning capabilities also make it a good surface cleaner.
• In public health facilities, the substance used as a disinfectant. It reacts with organic dirt through the process of oxidation and hydrolysis, similar with the process of making soap. This makes any organic matter that comes into contact with the solution to become water soluble. This way, facilities are able to neutralize any infectious body fluids matter or blood and deal with any odor that may be coming from organic dirt.

Sodium Hypochlorite

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