Sodium Cyanide 98%

CAS Number:
Type of Packaging:
• 50kg net steel drums with inner PE bags
• 1000kg net plywood boxes with inner PE and PP laminated woven bag
HS Code:

FOB Price (Per Ton) $2,300.00

Chemical appearance:
Sodium cyanide is found either in the white crystalline form or in the form of granular powder. It is also water-soluble and forms a clear and colorless aqueous solution.
Chemical application and strengths:
• The most important application of sodium cyanide is evident in the extraction of gold. The use of sodium cyanide is still the best method for mining gold.
• Sodium cyanide is a common agent in the leaching process for the majority of gold extraction operations. The primary reason for the use of Sodium cyanide in the extraction of gold is the higher affinity of gold towards cyanide. Sodium cyanide separates gold through oxidizing it and dissolving gold in the presence of oxygen and water. The most important strengths of sodium cyanide in the mining of precious metals are reflected in its cost-effectiveness, higher availability. and better processing.
• The concerns of safety with sodium cyanide could be addressed effectively by referring to the handling process. Sodium cyanide is not self-combustible, and only a tiny amount is required for the extraction of gold. Therefore, properly designed and safeguarded processing facilities could deal out promising benefits of using sodium cyanide.
• Sodium cyanide also finds effective applications in electroplating as well as surface treatment projects. Therefore, it can serve well for metal hardening industries. Furthermore, the toxic properties of sodium cyanide make it an ideal choice as an herbicide.
• It is also known as a cyanide salt and contains an equal number of sodium cations and cyanide anions. The salt is highly poisonous and could be lethal for humans through ingestion. Furthermore, inhalation of dust and exposure to open wounds with Sodium Cyanide is toxic.

Sodium Cyanide

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