Soda Ash Dense 99% / Sodium Carbonate 99%

CAS Number
Other trading names
• Sodium Carbonate
• Unash AL
• Washing Soda
• Soda Crystals
• Carbonic Acid
• Anhydrous
HS Code:

FOB Price (Per Ton) $420.00

Types of Packaging:
• Use PE/PP bags with 40 kg weight capacity per bag.
• Use 21 MT/20’Fcl
Product Overview:
Chemical appearance:
Soda Ash Dense or Sodium Carbonate has a vibrant white colour and comes in a powder form.
Chemical application and strength:;
Soda Ash Dense or Sodium Carbonate is a powder like substance which is one of the three grades of Soda Ash. But the two main grades are Soda Ash Light and Soda Ash Dense. The differences between the two grades are their particle size and density.
• It is a highly soluble substance which is why it is ideally used in various chemical reaction processes. Many manufacturing plants use it in the making of . colouring dyes and agents. It is also used in the manufacturing of fertilizers and synthetic detergents.
• Sodium carbonate or Soda ash dense is known to be used in improving and treating of the alkaline levels of lakes which have been known to be affected by rains.
• It is used to replace phosphates which were earlier used in various household detergents and cleaning agents. Examples of these are dishwashing soaps which . contain high levels of soda ash.
• In the glass making industry, it is used because of its property to lower the melting point of the sands being used in the glass.
Other applications include the manufacturing of paper, production of different drugs, and treatment of water.

Soda Ash Dense 99%

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