Polyaluminium Chloride 30% (PAC 30%)

CAS Number:
Typical Uses:
• Water Treatment
• Oil Production
• Paper Industry
• Potable Water Treatment
• Coal industry
Type of Packaging:
•  25kg woven bag
HS Code:

FOB Price (Per Ton) $456.25

Chemical appearance:
Polyaluminium Chloride is a yellow or light-yellow powder. It is tasteless, harmless and non-toxic when in contact with humans or aquatic life. The substance dissolves in water with ease and can even absorb water from the atmosphere.
Chemical application and strengths:
The chloride contains a combination of positively charged hydroxyl aluminum cations with a strong basicity. This characteristic enables it to be used a strong coagulant for several processes across various industries.
• PAC works both as organic and inorganic flocculant. This characteristic allows it to be used both in the industrial coagulation and the treatment of raw sewerage. In both cases, the aluminum cations in the solution combines with the negative ions of other elements in the mix to form insoluble compounds that can be filtered away or let to sediment for the ease of collection.
• This is the rationale behind the treatment of sewage, industrial water treatment and purification of wastewater.
• Polyaluminium Chloride is also used in beverage and water bottling firms to eliminate impurities in water. Natural water has several minerals that it collects in the course of flowing. These minerals give the water a characteristic taste. The water is purified by adding the compound to combine with mineral elements. The new salts formed precipitate above the water and are filtered off resulting in highly pure drinking water.
• Polyaluminium Chloride is used in the sludge conditioning. This is the process by which chemicals are added to the sludge before it is dewatered. In the process, the metal cations combine with anions in the water to precipitate above the sludge. This way, the manufacturing firm can recover some elements from sludge.

Polyaluminium Chloride 30% (PAC 30%)

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