Pine Oil 39% – 49%

CAS Number
Other trading names
• Composite Flotating Active Matter
Types of Packaging
• Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) drum with 1000kg capacity/drum
• Steel drums with 170 kg weight capacity per drum
• Plastic drums with 185 kg weight capacity per drum
HS Code:

FOB Price (Per Ton) $1,166.00

Product Overview
Chemical appearance
Pine oil has a very transparent yellow liquid colour and comes in an oil form. It is sparingly mixable or dissolvable in water because of its density. It is composed of different kinds of monohydric alcohols and terpene derivatives.
Chemical application and strength
Pine is popularly used in the various flotation processes of both non-metallic and metallic minerals. It is also used in the flotation process of wide range of sulfide ores which include copper, iron sulfide, lead, non-sulfide minerals, and zinc.
• Soluble in water and has the tendency to decompose when heated and gets in contact with acids during which it will result in the reduction of flotation results.
• It has some collecting power for minerals like graphite, molybdenite, talc, coal, sulphur, and many more.
• Compared to other frothing agents, pine oil’s froth is more persistent
• It should be placed in an environment away from exposure to water and extreme heat from fire and sunlight. It should always be placed upright and never upside down

Pine Oil 39%

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