Oxalic Acid 99%

CAS Number:
144-62-7 (anhydrous)
6153-56-6 (dihydrate)
Other Trading Names:
• Wood Bleach
• Oxiric acid
Type of Packaging:
•  25kg woven bag
• 100 kg woven jumbo bags
HS Code:

FOB Price (Per Ton) $650.00

Chemical appearance:
Oxalic acid presents as white transparent crystals that combine two water crystals. It appears in two types, the anhydrous and dihydrate form. The dihydrate has water molecules while the anhydrous one does not have any water crystals. Both types are soluble in water and are odorless
Chemical application and strengths:
•The acid is made from the oxidation of glucose in the presence of nitric acid. It is also prepared by carboxylation of alcohol. The resulting acid has a strong reducing property while its conjugate base makes for a great chelating agent. This strength allows it to be used in the polishing of marble, bleaching and in removal of rust. It is also effective in the removal of dirt in leather, wood and aluminum products during the manufacturing process.
• In the metallurgy industry, it is used as a precipitating agent where it removes metal particles from slurries. It is also effective in the separation of rare earth metals from their ores. Precipitation happens when the acid forms compounds with metal ions in sludge causing them to form insoluble salts. These metals then precipitate at the top of the slurry for collection.
• In the pharmaceutical industry, oxalic acid combines with other organic slats to for a wide range of medical preparations that include tetracycline, oxytetracycline and Borneol. In the Dyeing and printing industry, the acid is a good reducing agent in the dyeing process. Some manufacturers use it as a substitute to acetic acid where it acts as a coloring mordant in fast pigments in dyes. It is also used for the removal of stubborn stains in various types of fabrics.
Oxalic acid also has several applications in the electronics industry. First, it is used in the preparation of the electron equipment detergent. Other manufacturers use it in aluminum anodizing with or without sulfuric acid.

Oxalic Acid 99%

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