Neopentyl Glycol

CAS Number:
Other Trading Names:
• Neopentyl Glycol
2,2-Dimethyl Propane-1,3-diol
• 2,2-Dimethyl-13-propanediol
Types of Packaging
• Plastic woven bag with 25kg weight capacity per bag
• Jumbo bags with 1000 kg weight capacity per bag
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Neopentyl Glycol is a very useful organic chemical compound having the chemical formula C5H1202.
Chemical Appearance
Neopentyl Glycol has the appearance of a white crystalline solid. It is odourless. It has good solubility in water and is very hygroscopic. It is soluble in benzene and
chloroform. It is highly soluble in ethanol and diethyl ether.
Chemical Applications and Strengths
Neopentyl Glycol is an extremely efficient chemical compound and therefore, has many industrial applications. Its main applications and strengths are:
• Neopentyl Glycol is most popularly used for the production of unsaturated resin.
• It is used for making oil free alkyd resin.
• It is used in the plastics industry for the production of polyurethane foam plastics and for elastomer plasticisers.
• It is used for the making of surfactants.
• It is used for making insulation materials.
• It is also widely used for making printing inks.
• Neopentyl Glycol is used in polymerisation inhibitors.
• It is also used in synthetic aviation lubricating oil additives.
• It is an exceptional solvent for the selective separation of aromatic and naphthenic hydrocarbons.
• Its amino baking paint has very good light retention and it does not turn yellow.
• It can also be used as stabilisers.
• It is used as pesticide raw materials too.
• It is used in the synthesis of polyesters. In the manufacture of polyesters, it enhances the stability of the product towards heat, light, and water.
• It is used for making paints.
• It is used for making various lubricants.
It is also used in the manufacturing of plasticisers.
In its reaction with fatty acids or carboxylic acids by esterification reaction, synthetic lubricating esters with reduced ability for oxidation and hydrolysis, compared to natural esters, can be produced.

Neopentyl Glycol

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