N – Butyl Vinyl Ether / Butyl Vinyl Ether 98%

CAS Number
Other trading names
Butyl Vinyl Ether
Vinyl Butyl Ehter
• Butoxyethylene
• 1-(Ethenyloxy) butane
• 1-(vinyloxy) butane
Vinyl n-butyl ether
•  1-ethenoxybutane
Types of Packaging
• Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) drum with 1000 kg capacity/drum or tank
• Use plastic drums with 150 kg weight capacity per drum.
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Product Overview
Chemical appearance
N-Butyl Vinyl Ether or Butyl Vinyl Ether has a colorless transparent appearance and comes in liquid form. It has a slight distinct odour and has a density of 0.774 g/mL.
Chemical application and strength
N – Butyl Vinyl Ether or Butyl Vinyl Ether is a special reagent used in reactions of organic chemicals and in the preparation of various pharmaceutical compounds which are used in therapies against cancer. Another application of Butyl Vinyl Ether is in the synthesis of strong inhibitors for PDE5.
• Should be kept in an environment free of water and moisture. Should also kept far away from fire or high temperatures because it is highly flammable.
• Chemically stable in normal conditions.
• Exposure to oxidizing agents and air can initiate the forming of peroxides.
• It is soluble in water as well as in methanol and chloroform.
• Has the ability to act as bases and are able to form salts with strong acids.

N - Butyl Vinyl Ether

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