Monocalcium Phosphate 22%

CAS Number:
Other Trading Names:
• Acid calcium phosphate
• Calcium acid phosphate
• Calcium diorthophosphate
• Calcium superphosphate
• Monobasic calcium phosphate
Calcium biphosphate
• Monocalcium orthophosphate
Type of Packaging:
•  25kg bag
• 50kg bag
• 1000kg bag
HS Code:

Chemical appearance:
Monocalcium phosphate occurs as a white or slightly dull powder or granules. It does not have a distinct smell. It is soluble in water and does not ignite when exposed
to flames.
Chemical application and strengths:
• One of the most popular uses of monocalcium phosphate is it use a leavening agent. Here manufacturers may combine the monohydrate and anhydrous types.
• It releases a leavening gas from the baking soda when mixed with flour. This results in fine grains in the resulting leavened dough for baking.
Feed Additive:
• Monocalcium phosphate is also used as a feed additive for various animal feeds such as poultry, cattle, and goat feeds.
• It added to the feeds to offer phosphorus and calcium that is needed in their bodies for strong bone formation.
• The feed additive and the one used for leavening bread is in a more pure form than the industrial compounds
• The compound is also used as a food additive. A combination of phosphorus and calcium helps in the repair of body tissues and bones. It also strengthens teeth and various body cells.
Fertilizer Production:
• Monocalcium phosphates are also used in the production of superphosphate fertilizers. In the process, a phosphate rock is treated with acids to create triple superphosphate. The residue from the process is then used in the conversion of aluminum ore into aluminummetal.
• When sulphuric acid is used in the process, the resulting product contains phosphogypsum and is called a single Superphosphate fertilizer.

Monocalcium Phosphate 22%

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