Formic Acid 85%

CAS Number:
Other Trading Names:
• Formylic Acid
• Methanoic Acid
• Carbonous Acid
• Oxomethanol
Types of Packaging
• 250 kg plastic drum
• 1200 IBC Tank
• Customized packages as customers will want them.
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FOB Price (Per Ton) $890.00

Formic Acid, also known as Methanoic in IUPAC name, is a chemical occurs naturally in the environment and might even be found in ants. The word ‘Formic’ was derived from the Latin word for ant, which is ‘formic.’ The chemical can also be produced industrially by using methanol. It is equally the simplest form of carboxylic Acid you can find. The chemical is represented by the chemical formula H2CO2. This chemical is presented with 85% purity.
Chemical Appearance
Formic acid is a colorless liquid that emits a strong odor. The substance has a strong, pervasive odor. As a liquid, the chemical is miscible with water. It’s also miscible in other liquids like ether, acetone, methanol, and ethanol. It is slightly soluble in liquids such as benzene, xylene, and toluene.
Chemical Applications and Strengths
Formic acid is a chemical that is used as a raw material in a variety of industries. As a result, you can put it to a variety of uses. The following are some of the chemical’s applications:
• Formic Acid is utilized for the production of pesticides for agricultural purposes.
• It is also utilized in the leather and rubber making industries for leather tanning and other similar usage.
• The chemical is used for dye-making by the dye-making industry.
• the chemical used for fabric processing, dyeing, and textile printing in the textile-making industry.
• It also serves as an industrial solvent, surface treatment agent, and rubber auxiliary.
• It is also used for preservation purposes and as an antibacterial agent in livestock feed production.
Formic Acid helps in increasing solder wettability in the soldering process.

Formic Acid 85%

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