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Plastic drums of various quantities are used for packaging purposes.

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Product Overview
Dithiophosphates 25 is a liquid substance that has a brown-black appearance. This liquid is corrosive which also has a pungent odor. That is an inflammable
substance, that is also sparingly soluble in water.
Chemical Appearance
The Dithiophosphates 25 is a black color substance that is made collectively from copper, lead, activated zinc sulfide ore, and silver sulfide ore. Its molecular formula is C7H7O)2PSSH. This product act with all the three medium that implies the acidic, basic and neutral medium. The major component of this chemical is
Phosphorodithioic acid bis(methyl phenyl)ester.
• Chemical Application and Strengths
The Dithiophosphates 25 has various applications and attractive points which are described below:
• This chemical is used in various rubber related products.
• It is used to collect foams due to its foaming properties.
• Dithiophosphates 25 is used in the float separation process, that separates the lead and zinc ore.
• This chemical has a weak collecting effect on pyrite and other sulfide minerals.
• Dithiophosphate 25 has a strong collecting effect on a heavy oxidized ore.
• The chemical is slightly soluble in water.
• The chemical is easily added up to the ball mill or adjustment tanks.
• This chemical is useful in the flotation test, and this can be carried out in a single or mixture of the different collectors.
• Chemical named Dithiophosphates 25 also acts as a suitable accelerator.
• It is a powerful product that could replace the DPG.
• This product should be stored under the cool storage area or it should be ventilated at some warehouses.

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