Collector BLK – 301 / Composite Flotating Active Matter ≥ 60%

CAS Number
Other trading names
• Composite Flotating Active Matter
Types of Packaging
• Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) drum with 1000kg capacity/drum
• Use steel drums with 170 kg weight capacity per drum
• Use plastic drums with 180 kg or 200 kg weight capacity per drum.
HS Code:

FOB Price (Per Ton) $1,000.00

Product Overview
Chemical appearance
BLK-301 has a type of dark brown or amber colour and comes in a liquid form with an oily consistency. It is dissolvable in water and has a density of 1.080 -1.120 g/m³
and a pH level of 10-13.
Chemical application and strength
BLK-301 is another great collector in the flotation process of silver, copper, zinc, gold, and molybdenum sulfide.
• Very soluble in water.
• It has weak power in the collection of pyrites but is has an excellent selectivity to silver, copper, and gold ores.
• Only small dosage is used in the flotation process but the BK – 301 still exhibits excellent collection power and great selectivity.
• It has some frothing characteristics
• It should be placed in an environment away from exposure to water and extreme heat from fire and sunlight. It should always be placed upright and never
upside down

Collector BLK – 301

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